Why volunteer? The perks.
Sure, you’ll put in some hours as you help one of the largest golf events in the world go off without a hitch. But there are definitely some perks that come with the territory.

Awesome Uniform
You’ll get some great gear from us, including a shirt, jacket, and hat. We like to keep our crew looking sharp during their shifts!

Free Food
We take good care of you while you’re helping out. That includes giving you a free meal during all your shifts.

Preferred Parking
You’ve got priority parking and shuttle access at the general lot for the entire week, so you’ll never be rushed to get to your shift.

Is there a fee to volunteer?
Yes, there is a fee for volunteering.

We’ve got a committee for everyone.

Sure, there may be an astounding 600 volunteers that help put this thing together every year. But one thing is for sure: no two volunteers are the same! We’re confident that no matter what skills, passion, or personality you bring to the table, you’ll find the right committee (or two) to serve on. Hey, you might even meet a few friends along the way with a similar volunteer palette.

Get started by checking out our committee categories.

  • Spectator Experience
  • Scoring Services
  • Player Services
  • Hospitality Services

When you complete your registration, you’ll be asked to give us your top three committee choices. As you look over the options below, keep that in mind to save some time with the process!

Spectator Experience Committees

We want every aspect of the experience of thousands of spectators to be a pleasant one, from the minute they enter the gate to the minute they, well, exit the gate.


Sure, the players keep their own score, but that doesn’t help anyone else out! It’s these committees that keep everyone else in the loop, from Golf Channel to people watching the leaderboards on course—including the players themselves.


Ever seen a grumpy golfer? Probably not at this tournament! That’s because we’ve got awesome people taking great care of these athletes. Trust us…nobody wants to see grumpy golfers.


It’s a fact: there is no tournament without happy spectators or volunteers, and it takes incredible volunteers to keep those thousands of people happy. If your cup of tea is making others happy, then we can help you make that cup of tea with these committees.